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Workplace protection

All employees using computers and wireless tech-
nologies need a Human Firewall without question
to perform in an optimum way.

The electrosmog is increasing in most workplaces
nowadays. Many people suffer and are hampered
by the bad working environment.

Stress, burn-out, bullying and depression might be
related to the omnipresent and detrimental elec-

It is a great challenge. The negative electrosmog
means decreased performance.

Medarbejdere skyttet med RayGuard "Human Fire-
wall" er mere motiverede, kreative og har generelt
mere udholdenhed.

Employees protected with a RayGuard Human Fire-
wall are more motivated, creative and have in
general more endurance.

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Not only the computer needs a Human Firewall, the employees also need a Human Firewall - www.HumanFirewall.com

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