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RayGuard Human Firewall protects, strengthens and supports people on many levels to cope with the negative side effects of modern lifestyle.

A Firewall on your computer protects you against
virus attacks. RayGuard Human Firewall protects
and strengthens us against the technical electro-
smog from our technology and from the wireless
society in general, mobile phones, wireless Inter-
net, Wi-Fi, Hotspots, DECT phones, etc.

RayGuard users benefit in many ways. Please
find some testimonials below. We get positive
feed-back from people all the time. 

L. Olesen, nurse (RayGuard home Wood +
"I am still very happy with my RayGuard. Life
 before and after. I bring it to work. I feel much
 more clear in my head, and can think again, and
 start to feel my emotions. My energy field is
 much more calm. I have flashes of presence.
 And the zombie feeling is almost gone.
 I'm significantly less sensitive to noise. I know
 that EMF has affected my life and physical 
 well-being for a very long time and I long for a
 break now to rediscover myself."

S.C. Phil, biopath, healer and clairvoyant
(RayGuard body&car):
”I experience stillness in the body system, inner
  peace, balance in body and mind plus greater
 well-being with RayGuard. I respond to electrical
 articles when not having it with me. A pricking
 sensation in my body. It protects me when I
 carry it on me. I sleep well and have increased
 energy levels. RayGuard is excellent against
 pains and strenthens the homeostasis (the natural
 balance of the body).“

B. Jacobsen, TFT- and bioresonance therapist
(RayGuard body&car, mobile and home):
“I got RayGuard in my shop February 2008.
 It’s a new shop with alternative treatments and
 different items for sale. The place used to be a
 wine shop, store and had not been used for 2
 years when we had it. It was very yukky with
 heavy stagnant energies. It became much better
 after renovation, but still I reckoned great chan-
 ges when the RayGuard "pyramid“ came into the
  space. Even the neighbours have become more
 friendly and helpful. Everyone visiting the shop
 says that the environment is nice and filled with
 good energies. I am positive that the RayGuard
" „pyramid“ has cleansed the last bad and heavy
 energies from the old days, and that it uplifts the
 energies in the whole shop. My motivation and
 energy levels have increased too with the
 "pyramid“ in the shop. We use computers in our
 work in the shop, but here too I have experien-
 ced that I do not get tired when the "pyramid“ is
 here. I am very happy about having the
 RayGuard "pyramid“ in the shop and varmly
 recommend it for businesses and private homes
  (where we have experienced more peace too
 with the RayGuard "pyramid“).“

L. Berg, kinder teacher (RayGuard body&car +
RayGuard home):
“Before wearing my RayGuard I often experien-
 ced bloodshotted eyes sitting by the window, and
 in places with high radiation levels I have had
 sudden attacks of dizziness which almost make
 me fall over. Standing between two people tal-
 king on their mobile phone I have also experien-
 ced it like lightning penetrating my head. When I
 was in bed and relaxed I felt a quivering through
 my body. My inconveniences on those areas have
 dissappeared after wearing RayGuard.“

M. Boegh, researcher, writer (RayGuard body
&car, mobile and home):
"My clarity and awareness have become stronger
  wearing the RayGuard body&car, the RayGuard
 mobile infront of the compuiter and having the
  RayGuard „pyramid“ in the office. My focus
 working on the computer has been sharpened,
 and the stamina in general is increased.“

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T. Jensen, TV-producer, teacher
(RayGuard body&car):
"My energy levels and endurance have increased
 significantly after starting wearing RayGuard body
 &car when exercising and biking. Earlier on I ex-
 perienced a tiredness and burn out, and often I had
 to quit before finishing training. When I started to
 wear body&car it changed outstandingly. Now I go
 easily for another round – and my training partner
 is impressed by my increased energy.“

T. Jensen, TV-producer, teacher
(RayGuard mobile):
"I spent much time behind the computer and since
 I work as a tv-producer more screens are often
 infront of me. The office is packed with electronics
 which all emits loads of positive ions which is
 making me tired and disconnecting my concen-
 tration. Another photographer recommended that
 we should put a RayGuard mobile by the screens,
 and the atmosphere and environment  have
 become much better. Skin rashes in the face
 which is often the result from working behind com-
 puter screens have decreased significantly, so all
 in all I feel more fresh and alive being in the
 editing studio.“

T. Jensen, TV-producer, teacher (RayGuard home):
"I have 2 younger children who had begun not to
 sleep well and especially falling to coming to peace
 at night. My own sleep had become bad too, I woke
 up several times during the night and did not
 understand why. When you live in a building with
 more storeys you are exposed to the influences
 from other people’s wireless installations.
 E.g. wireless Internet or DECT cordless phones.
 I tried to discuss the problem with other residents,
 but people didn’t listen. A friend of mine introduced
 me to the RayGuard ("pyramid“) and she lended us
 her own to try. The very first night I experienced a
 complete different peace in our home, and the
 children were more refreshed and „on“ the next
 morning. Soon I got my own RayGuard. When
 guests being here they often ask to the "pyramid“,
 and since wireless installations are all over now,
 many people can benefit from having a RayGuard
 in their own home.“

K.Y. Hampmark, artist (RayGuard body&car):
"My life has become appreciable better after
 RayGuard has „showed up“. I carry it constantly,
 except when sleeping it hangs over my head.
 My energy levels have increased tremendously,
 greater endurance, peace and stillness in mind.
 It has a magical attraction on children, they have
 great interest and want to touch it... I varmly
 recommend you to get one for yourself, your
  family, friends, etc. The money is well spent.“

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