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Function of the RayGuard devices

Not only can the evidence of the disturbance through electromagnetic expostion be ensured with the already mentioned methods of measurenment, but also the proof that the RayGuard devices work is given. After puting up the RayGuard mobil, home or wearing the RayGuard “body&car”, electromagnetic fields can still be measured with usual field measuring instruments.

However the RayGuards compensate the non-ther- mal, pathogen (disease-causing) parts of electro- magnetic fields in their impact on the energysystem of the human body, which had been proven by measurenments and examinations of Dr. med. P.G. Valeske.

The effects of electromagnetic waves and the func- tion of RayGuard devices can only be measured directly on the human body. The existence of a frequency does not say anything about its influence on the biological system at all. The special qualities of RayGuard are, that its function is guaranteed within any transmission power and frequency. This problem cannot be solved with the help of todays electronics, because of the huge spectrum of frequencies it would have to cover.

With the RayGuards, the solution therefore is not based upon electronics but on physics. In a radius depending on the model of device used, all frequencies are absorbed.

This spectrum of frequencies is being put through a dividing and analysing system. There the compen- sation of the harmful waveparts is made.

To explain it better, we will use the example of a camera. Compare the effect of the RayGuard to the polarising filter. Disturbing effects of reflection are being cleared by the filter and the foto looks clear and colourful again.


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The RayGuards only use energy-frequencies of their environment for their work, so that they do not need any storage batteries or adapters. That way the function of RayGuard devices cannot be nega- tively influenced by the overtones of the net-frequencies."Everybody needs a Human Firewall" - www.HumanFirewall.com


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