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RayGuard advantages

Benefits of the use of the RayGuard device

1. The function of RayGuard can be checked directly on the human body. All measurenments (EAV-mea- surenments or measurenments with the computer-decoder-demograph) are repeatable.

2. The RayGuard is not for therapy. With the shiel- ding of the biological organism, a relief is accomp- lished, so that the self-organising systems of the body can be activated again.

3. All RayGuard devices serve the purpose of optimising the vital energy.

4. Environmental blockades, which are causing problems during energetic treatments of doctors and alternative practitioners, can be eliminated by the reduction of electromagnetic influences.

5. According to medical reports a success of healing can be supported with the described shielding.

6. No needs for shielded cables in houses anymore.

7. Unlimited possibilities of use in the aviation, starting with the cockpit, up to the radar unit.

8. To protect the people working in the computer and telecommunication system.

9. Also already being used to protect the patients and the employees of emergency-rooms in hospitals.

10. All RayGuard devices work independent of the netfrequencies, and therefore are not influenced by the frequencies and their overtones.


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