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They are omnipresent and have already become a massive problem for our health. Electrosmog emis- sions and earth-radiation - from cell phones, computers and electrical devices.

Scientific studies prove the bad influence of these radiations especially at our individual weak points
of our bodies. Because of the high resonance-abili- ty of our humans, we work like an antenna for microwaves and radiation. Without any protection, we reduce energy and transmission-qualitiy and within a short period of time our defence-ability against harmful substances in our blood is nearly destroyed.

RayGuard – the solution – the protection

Before/After tests have now shown the astonishing positive effect of a revolutionary swiss product: RayGuard “swallows” a big part of the electrosmog for our body. Like a lightning arrester, the radiation concentrates on RayGuard – the human is relieved.

RayGuard is offered in three different versions: “body & car” to wear it or as a keychain, “mobil” for the mobile use (PC, car, bedroom) – protects within a radius of 2 meters. “home” as a standard device for office, flat and house. Protects in a radius of up to 15 meters.

Did you know...

- that a lot of deseases and light pains are being
  caused by electrosmog?

- that with measuring the electromagnetic fields
  while using RayGuard a high decrease on the
  lung- and allergymeridian could be testified?

- that with using the Ray Guard the total compen-
  sation of the dangerous electomagnetic radia-
  tion had been clearly proven?

- that lots of scientists, doctors and many compa-
  nies support the RayGuard, recommend it to
  their patients and use it themselves?


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Electrosmog is a serious topic.

But looking away is not the answer.

Protect yourself and your family from these dangerous radiations.

Everybody needs a Human Firewall - www.HumanFirewall.com

Dr. Manfred Doepp about the 3 De-Switching exercises - www.humanfirewall.com



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