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Influence from electrosmog

In our civilisation electro- and radiationsmog is playing an essential role. Is the ideal-state of the human body influenced by such electromagnetic radiation, the regulating commands of the brain cannot be delivered and acted upon in the right
way anymore.

It also leads to miscommunications in the cell metabolism which is causing dysfunctions of the organs and after a long term influence can cause cell-mutations.
The human gets sick. The normally self-regulating processes are heavily disturbed through electromagnetic influences.

In the past three decades, the pollution of the environment with electromagnetic fields and waves have increased a lot. At the same time diseases have developed or increased, like power drop, sleep disorder, allergies, neurodermatitis, epileptic fits of children, dysfunction of the heart, asthma, loss of hair, infertility, cancer, aggression and depression, to point out a few. 

There is a direct coherence with electromagnetic fields that can be proven. Stydies throughout the world have shown the negative impact of these radiation on humans, animals and nature.

We cannot hide from electro- and radiation smog. Especially the field of highfrequency communication with total unphysiological, digital frequency-patterns will grow in the next few years extremly. Day and Night we are exposed to the electromagnetic fields, which also reach through walls. Hiding therefore is impossible.

Biochemical and cellular changes (concerning the cell) because of electromagnetic influences take a relative long period of time for a measureable developement. But these reactions in the organism are navigated and influenced by biophysical control-mechanisms, which react very fast to similar and therefore biophysical and electromagnetic influen- ces (Prof. Cyril W. Smith, Salford University, England; a.o.)

The existence of an energetic system in the human and animal organism had been known in the chinese medicine several thousand years ago: the meridian system of acupuncture, which became more and more important in the western medicine within the last two decades with diagnosm and therapy.

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If the researches of Prof. Smith are right, you should be able to see very fast changes in these energetic systems under the influence of electro- magnetic fields. The electro-acupuncture-measure- ments after Dr. Voll (EAV) can be seen as a good tool for this.

The first EAV-measures worldwide, in order to prove the disease-causing reactions on electro- smog, were made by Dr. med. Paul Gerhard Valeske and he also proved that the RayGuard is working.

Already the first performed measurenments attes- ted the accuracy of the theoratical considerations before testing. The EAV was performed on adult probands in several test series. In every test series, evidence of the negative impact on the meridian-system of the person could be found.

Today it is proven, that electromagnetic fields have a direct harmful externality on the human organism, as they cause morphologic (organic), cell-mediated or chemical mutation.

EEG-alteration for example, can be documented several hours after a short telephone call with a customary cellphone. Furthermore the effect of electromagnetic fields and vibrations on the energy-system of the human being could be attested in the study of Dr. Valeske. These disturbances take a longer period of time after the exposition (effect of radiation) to become apparent on an organic level and cannot be seen with conventional medical methods of diagnosis. The diagnostic can only be made with a energetic method, the EAV, which can also detect other sources of irritation.

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