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Everybody benefits from a RayGuard.

People choose the RayGuard, because they wish to protect and stengthen their families and themselves in an optimum way against the detrimental and negative side-effects from the modern life-style.

Computers, mobiles, iPads, smart phones, wireless technologies, and our modern electrical society produces electrosmog (EMF) which influences our brain, organism, system, and health negatively.

RayGuard strengthens your innner/outer environ-ment towards electrosmog and increases the Life force, Life energy, and your overall well-being.

RayGuard is common sense when you wish to make a difference for the Life quality of your loved ones. RayGuard has been on the market for +10 years.




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We protect our computers with a Firewall, and we ourselves need a personal "human firewall".

RayGuard makes it more safe and health to use technology. RayGuard can be regarded as a com-plementary product to modern technologies.

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RayGuard is a Human Firewall protecting us against the harmful electrosmog - www.HumanFirewall.com

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