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      RayGuard & RayChip is smart EMF protection!




RayGuard improves the Life quality.

RayGuard is a "Human Firewall" protecting and strengthening us towards the negative side-effects of the modern high-tech Life-style.

RayGuard is unique and an optimum way to coun-teract the detrimental/negative effects from EMF.

Computers, mobiles, iPads, smart phones, wireless technologies, and our modern electrical society produces EMF (electrosmog) which influences our brain, organism, system, and health negatively.

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All people benefit from a RayGuard.



Everybody needs a 'Human Firewall'

RayGuard strengthens your environment (inner & outer) towards electrosmog (EMF). RayGuard increases your Life force, Life energy, and your (family's) overall well-being.

We protect our computers with a Firewall, and we ourselves need a personal "Human Firewall".

RayGuard makes it more safe to use technology and is regarded a complementary product to the technologies of our modern Life-style.

RayGuard is an investment in your health.

A revolution to your health!






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