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What is electrosmog?

The term “electrosmog” is an artificial term, but is the best way to describe the polution of our environment with electromagnetic fields. People systematically started analysing the electromagnetic influences on humans and the environment in the late 70s.

To clarify these fields, they used the common artificial word “smog”, which is a combination of the english words “smoke” and “fog”. Other than with the smog causing airpollution, which we can smell and see, the pollution of our environment with electromagnetic fields we are not able to sense in a direct way. Therefore we have to use trustworthy instruments and measuring methods of competent people to be able to face this emotional discussion.

Influence of electrosmog

The human body is influenced by electromagnetic radiation. That way the commands from our brain cannot be directed the right way, it will even lead to misinterpretations. It also leads to miscommunica- tions in the cell metabolism which is causing dys- functions of the organs and after a long term influ- ence can cause cell-mutations. The human gets sick. The normally self-regulating processes are heavily disturbed through electromagnetic influences.

The human body – a perfect machine

In a normal state and without any influences from out- or inside, the body is in a harmonic balance. In this state you feel healthy, relaxed and just good. Is this balance being disturbed by negative influences from outside, the body would then regulate with different mechanisms to get back to the natural state. The commands for regulation are being send out by the brain and the vegetative centers, with hormons through the nerv-system and other information-tracks, to the cell and organs.

Dr. Manfred Doepp about the 3 De-Switching exercises - www.humanfirewall.com

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Some biological effects of electrosmog:

- sleep disturbance
- concentration disorder
- circulatory disturbance
- headache
- tiredness
- tinnitus
- nervousness
- allergies
- depression
- power drop

Positive changes of the blood, because of the use of RayGuard can be proven with the dark-field-micro- scopy! The number of people reacting highly sensi- tive to electrosmog is increasing every day!


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